10 Better Things to Say at Your Christmas (or other) Gathering

Pick one or two of these, and try them out when family or friends show up for your celebration:


Instead of: “Did you get everything you wanted?”

Better: “Did you give everything you wanted?”


Instead of: “I worked really hard to get ready for you.”

Better: “I’m so glad you’re here.”


Snowman popsInstead of: “Time for dinner.”

Better: “Time to hang out with my favorite people.”


Instead of: “Let’s say grace.”

Better: “What a gift – to have all of you here.  I’m grateful – let me express that.”


Instead of: “Turn off that TV.  This is family time.”

Better: “They’re enjoying watching the game.  How about you and me go for a walk?”


Instead of: (Any type of complaint)



Instead of: “What a mess! I’ll be cleaning forever.”

Better: “The best part of a mess?  It means there was love in the house today.”


Instead of: “I have to cook for so many people.”

Better: “I get to cook for so many people.”


Instead of: “Christmas is so commercial.”

Better: “Yeah, Christmas is commercial – but it’s an excuse for us to get together.”


Instead of: “I love you.”

Better: “I love you.  Always have.  Always will.  Don’t forget.”


Words are powerful.  Choose them wisely.  Choose them intentionally. 

Try a couple out – and tell us how it goes! (Comment)



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  • Ximena Meléndez

    Merry Christmas!! My words for today are: “Thanks God for your son, the best Gift too wonderful for words”.

    • Thanks, Ximena – Great words for the holidays!