10 Things Our Kids Need to Hear Every Week (no matter what their age)

10.  There’s nobody in the world exactly like you.

9.   I can’t get over how awesome it is to have you as my kid.

8.   You make a difference.  You can always make a difference.

7.   You’re valuable – not because of what you do, but simply because you’re you.

6.   What you think matters to me – whether I agree or not.

5.   Nobody’s perfect – give yourself some grace. It’s OK to make mistakes.

4.   Spending a day with you is an awesome day for me.

3.   Don’t let other people’s opinion of you define you.

2.   I believe in you.

1.   You can’t make me not love you – no matter what.  Ever.

baby with headphones

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  • Phyllis McCall Jew

    Good reminder for us parents. I try to let my children know how I feel but I am sure I could do better. I will use some of these. Thanks Mike

    • Yeah – wouldn’t it be nice if someone said these things to us as well?

      • Phyllis McCall Jew

        Yes it would.

  • 🙂

  • Jenni Key

    the photo alone says it all, but your list of “10 things” makes it sing!

    • Thanks, Jenni – Comments from you are always encouraging!