Off the Road Again

I miss writing.

There was a time when I used to say, “I don’t like writing – I just like having written.” The process was tedious, but I enjoyed seeing my words in print.

That’s changed. It’s probably because I’ve taken a break, and I miss moving words around to express something.  I’ve missed writing these posts, and especially the interaction with you – my readers.  It’s like not seeing good friends for a while.

The break wasn’t by design. It started with a wake-up call last September that involved an ambulance ride while on a business trip.  I didn’t see the effect that years of travel was having on my body.

But it was there, and it was real.

So the past nine months have been a “do-over” (as Jon Acuff would say). I’ve taught people for years how to live a balanced life, but realized that I needed to pay attention to my own precarious position on the high-wire as well.

That meant looking at everything I was doing – my job, my schedule, my exercise, my choices – everything. It meant starting from scratch and rebuilding.

Finally, I’m starting to practice what I teach. It’s certainly not perfect, but I’ve made some major changes.  I’m eating differently.  I’m exercising consistently.  I’m sleeping more.  I’m keeping the little stuff little, and focusing on the few things that matter most.

And I’m coming off the road.

After 28 years of travel and 3000+ days standing in front of corporate audiences, I’ve changed jobs. I’m working from a home office, coaching those people who are still training within their companies.  I’m taking my years of experience and helping them make an impact within their organizations.

My travel each day is about 50 feet.

Which means I have quiet early mornings to watch the sun rise while I sip java in a ceramic mug – instead of chugging out of a paper cup on an LA freeway. And evenings to read and talk and relax instead of mapping out logistics for the next day’s commute.

And it means I’ll have time to write.

That’s become one of my favorite early morning activities – crafting words while the world around me is still in their jammies.

This new job itself is more intense than anything I’ve done – but it has a beginning and an end each day. I have to fight to keep to keep that balance.  But setting boundaries is becoming a small price to pay for quality of life.

largeWhat will that writing look like? I’m not sure.  But it does mean I’m going to start connecting with you again.

I’ll probably do some magazine articles, and I’ll start thinking about another book. (My newest will be in bookstores on August 6.  I finished that one shortly before my ambulance ride.)  I’ll also be building more of an online platform, since I’m not standing in front of live audiences as much.

If you’d like to come along for the ride, I’d love to have you on the journey.

So, get your coffee. I’ll get mine.

Let’s slow down and just talk.

It might just save you an ambulance ride.



Senior Consultant at FranklinCovey; Speaker, Author of 5 books – including “People Can’t Drive You Crazy If You Don’t Give Them the Keys,” “I Wish He Had Come With Instructions,” and “Dealing With the Elephant in the Room.” (See Book page)

  • Heather Bock

    I’m excited to hear about the new turn in the road for you and what God will do with it. I’m glad you’ll be writing more!

  • Lisa J. Loukoumidis

    I really enjoy your writing and thoughts on things. I am happy to hear you will be writing more!

  • So glad you’ll be back connecting and sharing wisdom more on your blog!!!!

  • Cheri Sherman

    After having the privilege of watching you in front of live audiences, Mike I first of all want to acknowledge and express deep gratitude for all these years of watching the master do his thing. You are magical. Second and just as important I want to applaud this very important shift. I look forward to every written Mike Bechtle word, carefully crafted and placed, and can’t wait to keep following you on this journey. You are such an inpsiration! Write on!!

    • OK, you’re my BFF for the day (again). Thanks – always appreciate your encouragement!

  • Richard Lawrence

    So glad you are writing again. I truly enjoy how you “craft” words.

  • Betsy Crabtree

    such a refreshing post! thanks for crafting the words.

  • Lonnie Shields

    Hey Mike! Lonnie Shields here. I’ve been on a similar road since the accident. I ran across an organization called Kingdom Builders Academy, run by a Christian lady who, with her ex-husband, ran Success Seminars around the world with presidents and other big wigs. Now she’s helping people build an online presence and has a Free 30 Day BootCamp. Of course she is hoping you will find it valuable enough to subscribe to her monthly stuff. If you’re interested let me know at, and I’ll send you link. I’ve started this process – it is not an easy ride, although you are undoubtedly MUCH farther down the road than I am. Blessings to you and Diane!

    • Thanks, Friend – Always great to hear from you! Been following your journey on Facebook – and it sounds like you’re entering a healthy new season. And we’ve had plenty of those seasons through the years, haven’t we? Enjoy the journey – Blessings!

  • Robin

    LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!! So excited for your new journey, and more of your words!!!! I’ve missed hearing from you : ) Hugs to you Mike!!!