If you’ve looked at the “About” page, you know the details are coming soon for everything on this website.  I just wanted to focus on the blog so we could start to connect — then make it all shiny as we went along.

So this won’t be shiny yet — but here are my four books, and links to find them online (they’re also available anywhere books are sold – and can be ordered through them if they’re out of stock):


People Can't Drive You Crazy If You Don't Give Them the KeysPeople Can’t Drive You Crazy If You Don’t Give Them the Keys” (Revell, 2012) – How to keep from becoming a victim of the crazy people in your life.  This one has an audio version available, too.  You can find the book here.





Confident Conversation: How To Communicate Successfully in Any SituationConfident Conversation: How to Communicate Successfully in Any Situation” (Revell, 2009) – Basic skills of conversing effectively, especially for introverts.  You can find the book here.





Cover photo

How To Communicate With Confidence” (Spire, 2013) – This is actually an updated version of “Confident Conversation” (above), published as a mass market paperback.  It’s identical to the earlier book, except the chapter on “High-Tech Talking” has been completely rewritten to reflect the changes in electronic communication, social media, etc.  You can find the book online here.





Evangelism for Introverts

Evangelism for the Rest of Us: Sharing Christ Within Your Personality Style” (Baker, 2006) – How introverts can share their faith effectively without having to become an extrovert.  You can find the book here.